Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On Faith Alone

Today my boss brought me into her office, I thought she might be mad because I still didn't find that last folder to file the the last piece of paper. She then asked me to sit down and I knew something was up. I was laid off. So on faith alone I will find a new job. Prayers and job oppurtunities will be greatly appreciated. Since it's only my second month living on my own this is completely scary and I dont know how I am going to pull it off. 

Monday, September 29, 2008


1.Salad- China coast with my mom
2.Summer- beaches
3. Suck it- one of my mostused phrases, despite the fact I do not have anyting to suck
4. Salmon-i cook it the best
5. Sass-without it i would be boring
6. Sharkweek-you should treat every week like shark week
7. Savage-most fun adjective to throw into things
8. Sleep overs-yes
9. Salvation-Jesus (handshake)
10. Secrets-i know more than you think and it makes gossip girl intersting

Monday, September 22, 2008

Early Thankfulness

1. Rainbows-from the only ting thag can keep a promise

2. Rocky Horror Picture Show- especially lingerie night

3. Randomness- makes life worth living

4. Rap and Rock music-my two favorite categories

5. Rockets- Sky rockets in flight afternoon delight

6. Running- feel the burn

7. Ranting - I do it a lot ask the twin

8. Rice- asian sundays

9. Riveting-one of the best adjectives

10. Rocks- nice big diamond please

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thankful for Q's

1. Quill, for all of the jokes and bitchiness we still reminice on.

2. Quantity,  I love Cosco

3. Quirks, I hate being normal.

4. Quakers, I like the cheese kind.

5. Quarters you can get sweet fake tattos and plastic jewelry with it. 

6. Quacks, because ducks are cute.

7. QT, who else has a million drinks and syrups

8. Quittage, the hot guy plays it with harry potter

9. Quesidillas, go make your own dang quesedilla

10. Queens because you cant get a royal flush without them

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thankful Ten

1. Project Runway: Because I would hae never been introduced to my future husband Tim Gunn and would not have my everyday phrases such as "Where's Andre" and "fierce, tranny, hot mess"

2. Plots: the make stories interesting

3. Plants: Especially Govna sitting on my porch

4. Prancing: Because walking is way too boring

5: Pockets: to hold my cell phone

6: Pizza: no explanation

7: Pay days: not the candy bar I like money to fill my pockets as well

8: Panera Bread: Delicious

9: Pants: they cover my legs and keep me warm and make my butt look fabulous

10: Padres: I wouldn't root for any other losing time like I root for the Padres

Monday, September 8, 2008

Grandparents day

I celebrated Grandparents Day by shopping for stuff for my apartment and asian dinner food. I then got the calander reminder on my phone that its grandparents day so I began with calling my Grandparents on my moms side, nothing too out of the ordinary, my Grandpa did stop asking questions when I used the pronoun he while discussing shopping with my roommate.
Then I called my Dad's mom (aaron) and all the time that I have known her she has had voice problems when she has allergies, it gets really raspy with her allergies. When I called I didn't recognize her voice,
GL: Hello
M:Hi aunt beth?
GL: No, who is this?
M: Is this Grandma? Its your granddaughter Jenelle.
GL: Oh my goodness, Jenelle its so great to here from you (grandma-ee stuff said)

My roommate then made fun of me because my grandma doesn't even know who I am and I explained the voice situation. And He asked thats really weird I wonder why its different, I replied with Jesus did it of course. Because God does several miracles people take advantage of. Then our cashier begins peraching that there is nothing God can not do, No burden God can not heal and began singing a miracle song. I was so amazed she broke that gospel down. I wish I had known the words so I could rock out with her.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

non album thursday

Alyssa and I at 711 i look like a delicious bug apprently.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Thankful for O's

1. The O face (from Office Space)

2. Oreos, double stuffed.

3. Orions belt, just proves God is laughing at your saggy pants.

4. Olives, so you can put them on your fingers

5. Octopus- because I love calamari.

6. The Ocean, this is why i work 60 hours a week to stay

7. Organizers- the tupperwear kind or planners either are fun to buy and maybe use.

8. Orange soda, because it is amazing with vanilla voldka.

9. oregano! My favorite spice (after scary that is)

10. oil preferrably vegetable, it tastes the best in cakes

Friendly Neighbors

So I have begun to meet my neighbors in my apartment complex. Sunday night I went upstairs and hung outwith our amazing lesbian neighbors, they were all super nice and friendly ! We talked about gross nurse stories, one lady that one of the girls had worked with bit off the tips of her figers because she liked the feeling of bone against her teeth.
Then this morning on my way to my car one of the other women in our complex. I said hello she asked if I was new to the building and I said I was and that I lived with aaron and she mentioned that he's a really sweet guy. Just small talk, then it happened, she invited me to a passion party. I told her I would see if I was busy and would let her know. I dont want to be rude my first week of living there, but the expression on my face was most likely priceless. Yay for firendly neighbors.