Monday, October 27, 2008


1. Water- delicious and unlike other countries we have it at our fingertips disposal. 
2. Work- I miss it
3. Wonders- not the O-need-ers
4. Wind- When I have a coat
5. Walking- good for your heart
6. Watermelon- delicous
7. White- blank slates
8/ Wikepedia- helpful
9. Winter in San Diego- never as cold as fall in Auburn
10. Washing- clothes dishes I like when things are clean

Friday, October 24, 2008

non album Rocky style

Crazy Eyes, Cocksmith Written on my chest.
Rissa loos amazing, this was the night that we walked out of Rocky (during the same time the bar next door was closing) and a man on the street asked if I really was a cocksmith, and I said not until I am eighteen and walked as quickly as I could in high heels.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


1.Vera Wang-amazing designer
2.Vacuums- to clean
3. Vanilla tootsie rolls-the best flavor
4. Vaccines- to keep us healthey
5. Vicinity- much more fun then saying "I am here"
6. Variety- especially in boys
7. Vans- the old kind the ones people live in
8. Vanity- without it i would have no confidence
9. Violence- only when the bad guy gets it in the end
10.Vaquish- sometimes its nice to know no one knows where you are

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thankful Tuesdays

1.Unicorns- especially humping ones to drive my mom crazy.
2. Underwear- especially from victorias secret.
3. unicycles- my friend used to ride one to school several mornings.
4. Unity- makes life easier to live
5. Unbelievable- because sometimes we need miracles to keep hope.
6. Ugly- because it makes me look good lol
7. Utilities- I can take showers, see in the dark and be warm
8. Underwater- swimming is great for your body and fun to do.
9. uncles- I love my Uncle mo for making amazing tacos and telling me fun stories- and my uncle tom for his huge heart taking care of my grandma.
10. Umbrella- The song because it drives alyssa crazy.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


1.Spencer T- cutest giant faced baby now grown up little brother ever.

2. Twins-We rock twice as much as you.

3. Tank tops- It is to hot to wear a teeshirt sometimes.

4. Teases-What else makes you excited unless you know pieces of whats going to happen

5. Target- The Zeus of all stores

6. Tea time-With Miss Lucy the Goose

7. Tampering with evidence- How else did OJ get off and is still famous

8. Tangents-I seem to go off on them frequently.

9. Tabloids- You all know you want to know Britneys weight and smoking in her childs face

10. Tacks-They hold the pictures of all the people I love

11. Bonus-Thankfulness-because we would be sad, miserable people without it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Jenelle Has a Heart?

I have been searching for jobs like a mad woman. I want something that pays well so I can get a gym membership do well in school and quit hollister. I just found my dream job. I would be working with the homeless sorting donations and helping people get back on their feet. Others may view this job as a hassle and hard and you have to have amazing patience. But I would love love love it. 
This past summer I reunited with my alma mater youth group because they do days at the bay and Dave's message was that if you don't concentrate on yourself you will not get depressed. When you are concentrated on other people and helping them you do not concentrate on how sad your life may seem or your flaws as much. I would enjoy going to work everyday. When you are working towards a higher goal you have more to live for. 
So pray that I get this, plus my relationship with God has been numb for about a year and a half so this may help me reconnect with the only one thats going to save me. 

Friday, October 3, 2008

non album late day

This is my best friend Thomas and I on a late night Wendy's run, I have no makeup and he has no manners. I love  this boy oh so much but we did not do well in the picture department