Monday, December 8, 2008


I know it is not tuesday but God has been doing some amazing things in my life.
1.Sobriety- I have been sober almost two months now.
2.Healing- I have had so many people at my church randomly come over to pray for my heart and finally I have hope that God will provide me with a man that wont talk down to me, hit me or push for sex.
3. Starbucks- nothing cheers me up than a peppermint white mocha.
4. Endorphins- I am happy now with the working out
5. Firefighters- Because they save lives and God me blessed with a cute one who praying will be the last boy I will ever kiss, if I ever got to kiss him
6. The sun- I miss it I took all those warm days in San Diego for Granted now all i want is heat!
7. Interpretive dancing- Its so much fun you cant be mad when you do it and its really funny when your sister hits her face onto a keyboard.
8. Forgiveness-I have done some stupid selfish things and people still love me!
9. Love- I love my family my seregate family (the fabulous Amy and her Eagles) and friends.
10. Picture texts- The adorable Ella, my fireman, My best friends boobs when they look fake!


I have not been accountable with my blogging on losing weight. i have been faithful to the treadmill I have commited 30 minutes to an hour everyday to walk/jog. And let me tell you the hookah and cigarettes were the worst idea I have ever had, but with time I hope to restore my lungs and my heart's strength. If I can keep up working out everyday for three weeks without missing I will then be in the habit and it will be natural to me. The diet is a little harder, my mom made my favorite christmas cookies the night I had an emotinal meltdown so I got out of it but i am back on track. I can see my tummy is widdling down slowly but surely I just cant wait untili can fit into my old pants. I have given myself the reward that when I reach my goal weight i get to go shopping at H&M because it is aimed at skinnier ppl and has fabulous clothes for reasonable prices! And I will be able to go shopping without a breakdown of how I used to be skinny! I will enjoy clothes shopping once more!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

15 in Six Weeks

I have my birthday in six weeks. over the past six months I gained a lot of weight, From being dumped by a boy I believed to be in love with, Birth control that made me eat way too much and be starving, and then depressed so I didnt do anything, a second degree burn which got me out of the habit of working out, and when I moved out I drank myself to pass out everynight I didnt work, got a desk job.
So I have an adorable guy I was in love with when I was sixteen coming up hopefully for my birthday. So this weight from my previous way of life needs to come off. So my challenege six weeks fifteen pounds I will be running at least four times a week and making healthier choices. I will be blogging every day of how much I eat and my work out so if you would like to help keep me in check let me know or tojoin me in my challenge go for it if I can do it you can do it.

Monday, October 27, 2008


1. Water- delicious and unlike other countries we have it at our fingertips disposal. 
2. Work- I miss it
3. Wonders- not the O-need-ers
4. Wind- When I have a coat
5. Walking- good for your heart
6. Watermelon- delicous
7. White- blank slates
8/ Wikepedia- helpful
9. Winter in San Diego- never as cold as fall in Auburn
10. Washing- clothes dishes I like when things are clean

Friday, October 24, 2008

non album Rocky style

Crazy Eyes, Cocksmith Written on my chest.
Rissa loos amazing, this was the night that we walked out of Rocky (during the same time the bar next door was closing) and a man on the street asked if I really was a cocksmith, and I said not until I am eighteen and walked as quickly as I could in high heels.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


1.Vera Wang-amazing designer
2.Vacuums- to clean
3. Vanilla tootsie rolls-the best flavor
4. Vaccines- to keep us healthey
5. Vicinity- much more fun then saying "I am here"
6. Variety- especially in boys
7. Vans- the old kind the ones people live in
8. Vanity- without it i would have no confidence
9. Violence- only when the bad guy gets it in the end
10.Vaquish- sometimes its nice to know no one knows where you are

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thankful Tuesdays

1.Unicorns- especially humping ones to drive my mom crazy.
2. Underwear- especially from victorias secret.
3. unicycles- my friend used to ride one to school several mornings.
4. Unity- makes life easier to live
5. Unbelievable- because sometimes we need miracles to keep hope.
6. Ugly- because it makes me look good lol
7. Utilities- I can take showers, see in the dark and be warm
8. Underwater- swimming is great for your body and fun to do.
9. uncles- I love my Uncle mo for making amazing tacos and telling me fun stories- and my uncle tom for his huge heart taking care of my grandma.
10. Umbrella- The song because it drives alyssa crazy.