Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thankful Tuesdays

1.Unicorns- especially humping ones to drive my mom crazy.
2. Underwear- especially from victorias secret.
3. unicycles- my friend used to ride one to school several mornings.
4. Unity- makes life easier to live
5. Unbelievable- because sometimes we need miracles to keep hope.
6. Ugly- because it makes me look good lol
7. Utilities- I can take showers, see in the dark and be warm
8. Underwater- swimming is great for your body and fun to do.
9. uncles- I love my Uncle mo for making amazing tacos and telling me fun stories- and my uncle tom for his huge heart taking care of my grandma.
10. Umbrella- The song because it drives alyssa crazy.

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