Monday, December 8, 2008


I know it is not tuesday but God has been doing some amazing things in my life.
1.Sobriety- I have been sober almost two months now.
2.Healing- I have had so many people at my church randomly come over to pray for my heart and finally I have hope that God will provide me with a man that wont talk down to me, hit me or push for sex.
3. Starbucks- nothing cheers me up than a peppermint white mocha.
4. Endorphins- I am happy now with the working out
5. Firefighters- Because they save lives and God me blessed with a cute one who praying will be the last boy I will ever kiss, if I ever got to kiss him
6. The sun- I miss it I took all those warm days in San Diego for Granted now all i want is heat!
7. Interpretive dancing- Its so much fun you cant be mad when you do it and its really funny when your sister hits her face onto a keyboard.
8. Forgiveness-I have done some stupid selfish things and people still love me!
9. Love- I love my family my seregate family (the fabulous Amy and her Eagles) and friends.
10. Picture texts- The adorable Ella, my fireman, My best friends boobs when they look fake!


I have not been accountable with my blogging on losing weight. i have been faithful to the treadmill I have commited 30 minutes to an hour everyday to walk/jog. And let me tell you the hookah and cigarettes were the worst idea I have ever had, but with time I hope to restore my lungs and my heart's strength. If I can keep up working out everyday for three weeks without missing I will then be in the habit and it will be natural to me. The diet is a little harder, my mom made my favorite christmas cookies the night I had an emotinal meltdown so I got out of it but i am back on track. I can see my tummy is widdling down slowly but surely I just cant wait untili can fit into my old pants. I have given myself the reward that when I reach my goal weight i get to go shopping at H&M because it is aimed at skinnier ppl and has fabulous clothes for reasonable prices! And I will be able to go shopping without a breakdown of how I used to be skinny! I will enjoy clothes shopping once more!