Saturday, November 29, 2008

15 in Six Weeks

I have my birthday in six weeks. over the past six months I gained a lot of weight, From being dumped by a boy I believed to be in love with, Birth control that made me eat way too much and be starving, and then depressed so I didnt do anything, a second degree burn which got me out of the habit of working out, and when I moved out I drank myself to pass out everynight I didnt work, got a desk job.
So I have an adorable guy I was in love with when I was sixteen coming up hopefully for my birthday. So this weight from my previous way of life needs to come off. So my challenege six weeks fifteen pounds I will be running at least four times a week and making healthier choices. I will be blogging every day of how much I eat and my work out so if you would like to help keep me in check let me know or tojoin me in my challenge go for it if I can do it you can do it.